Marlee can still remember the sharp smell of oil paints and turpentine filling the room of the tiny heritage apartment where her grandparents lived at 10th and Manitoba. She called him Papa and he was a master painter who she watched replicate a Mona Lisa that would astound. It was in the genes.

She was compelled to paint and draw, however, the force of music and performing in her family was stronger and she would put art on the back burner until 2015, occasionally gifting a friend or family member with an original piece.

During her international travels for music Marlee always found time to visit art galleries and gained inspiration from the works of Monet ,Cezanne, Manet, Voka and Francoise Nielly to name a few.

She loves colour, lots of it. Bold, bright, emotion evoking, colour.

Marlee describes her style as representational abstract and her themes range from rich landscapes and nature to musicians and cities. She mostly uses palette knives – they make her feel freer.

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